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concept design & feasibility study Our team have a vast experience in concept design and feasibility studies. We have paramount skills for drafting concepts of often a very complexed and mixed-use developments, often in very important or unusual locations. Concept design is something we love the most!
architectural service It is our core service. We offer a full architectural service from the initial design stage, through planning to completion. Starting with the right concept, a balanced form and function, we always achieve the most economical and funcional layout. We get deeply involved with every project and work closely with all involved parties. There are no projects too big or too small. For us, every one of them is a Grand Design.
interior design / fit-outs Having completed a number of interior design projects, we are very proud of our interior potrfolio. We are famous for low-budget, creative solutions and various ideas for decorative and experimental textures, making every of our interior designs a unique experience on its own. We always have plenty of fun with this type of projects which can be clearly seen in our our desing.
industrial design Every designer is fascinated with the design of daily use products for its freedom of form and scale. For an architect, industrial design is always a fantastic distraction to work on a project of a different scale with its functional purity and importance of the aesthetics. We are a very creative team always lighting up for every unusual industrial design project.
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